Tu Mera Hero 14th November 2015 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Tu Mera Hero 14th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tu Mera Hero 14th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Panchi asking Titu to get halwa for her. He says he is very sleepy and sleeps. She thinks to get test done in morning. Its morning, Panchi says no one is believing I m saying truth and I m pregnant. Surekha calls Panchi. Panchi gets careful on stairs. Rekha hides some raw mangoes. Surekha asks her bahus to make mango pickles. Panchi drops the plate thinking she should not lift heavy items in pregnancy. Rekha gets hurt and cries. Panchi says sorry, I thought not to lift heavy things. Rekha says don’t joke about baby.

Surekha jokes on Panchi. Panchi says I m not lying. Surekha says test reports will come, if its good news, I will not let you walk. Rekha is hurt and misses the raw mangoes. She goes out. She asks why is Surekha seeing her, I did not eat pickles. Panchi thinks how to say I had pickles. Surekha says Keshav, your mum always eats pickles. Rekha denies it. Panchi falls down. They all get shocked and rush to hold her.

The doctor checks Panchi and says congrats, she is pregnant. The family gets happy. The doctor asks them to take care of Panchi. Titu hugs Govind and says now its confirmed. Everyone congratulate Panchi. Panchi thinks they are not letting her do any work. After some months, everyone waits for Panchi’s delivery. Panchi screams. Surekha says hospital strike is going on, delivery is happening at home, I m worried. The doctor comes and says baby is not willing to come out, he is very lazy to be born. They all say one more Nikhattu. Titu asks what. They all say you are the one, lazy.

He says son is like father, you have to do comedy to make child active. Titu agrees and does comedy. He asks his son to come soon, everyone is waiting for him. Everyone laugh. He tells about his family. The baby cries and everyone happily hug hearing his cry. The doctor brings the baby. Titu asks how is Panchi. The doctor says baby and mother are fine. They all smile happily. Titu asks them to see time.

They all keep baby function. Panchi’s parents also join. Rekha congrats Bhagwati, as she is pregnant. Titu sings Phoolon me khushbu hai…………hum saath saath hai………plays…………….Everyone sing and dance. Govind says a big Nikhattu/lazy boy is born.

Panchi says let the baby sleep more. Sundar asks why is he not waking up. Titu sings Nikhattu….. Dil ka saaf karam ka maara…… Alas me hai bechara……Everyone dance with Titu and smile.

The show ended on a happy note.

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  1. Natasha
    November 19, 11:29 Reply

    i love titu and panchi …
    the show was amazing…
    every good show is come to an end….

    • Miss.X
      November 14, 22:28

      Same here. 🙂

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