Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd September 2017 Written Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd September 2017 Written Update by Amena

The Episode starts with Ayaan and Vasu trying to wake up Inder. She says I hope there is no tension thing. Ayaan says relax, I will call doctor. Vijaylaxmi comes and says no doctor can save your dad. They ask her why did she come here. Vijaylaxmi says I m needed her. Ayaan says we don’t need you. She asks do you want to sacrifice your dad. He says he is in deep sleep. She says I have threatened doctor and sent her, Inder is injected a poison. They get shocked. She says he has slipped in coma. He shouts how dare you. She says your dad has fixed your marriage by lying to me. He says marriage will happen and your destruction will happen.

She tells about Inder needed an antidote, if he doesn’t get it, he can die in coma. He says I will get antidote. He says you can get it from US,

but it will take much time, I have the antidote, you can waste the time, but you have to come to me finally, you remember one condition, you have to marry Madhavi. Vasu says you are playing with my husband’s life. Ayaan asks Vasu not to worry, he will try his best and save dad. He says you will not have any powers now, I have evidence against you. She shows him the pendrive and asks are you talking about this proof, now what. He asks how did you get this. She says I get what I want. She threatens them and goes. Vasu cries for Inder. Ayaan calls doctor home.
Kamini asks Ragini why did she decorate house. Ragini says everyone should know Mohini is getting married. She thinks of Kamini’s marriage time and cries. Mohini comes and says Ayaan is not answering my call. Kamini and Ragini recall past and worry. Doctor checks Inder and says his symptoms of any poisonous medicine, he can die in coma, we have less time. Mohini keeps trying Ayaan. Doctor says this antidote is just in US, its not possible to get it, I will try my sources, don’t worry. Ayaan asks doctor to save Inder. He goes to call manager. He gets Mohini’s incoming call and answers.

She asks why were you not answering. He says I didn’t had my phone. She asks him to keep phone with him. Kamini says I was scared and recalled that unlucky day. Ragini says I m sure Ayaan is not like Madhav. Mohini asks is everything fine, don’t hide anything, tell me. He says Vijaylaxmi has given poison to Inder, his life is in danger. He tells everything. She gets shocked.

He says she kept a condition that I marry Madhavi, leaving you, my dad is in coma, I will lose him forever if he doesn’t get antidote. She asks him not to worry, she will just come home. Kamini asks where is she going. Mohini says beauty parlor. Kamini says I will make you ready. Mohini says you are busy in work. Ragini asks Mohini to sit for haldi rasam. Kamini says its imp. Madhavi asks servant to check room for snake. Gagan checks the room as well and gets phone for Madhavi. Rajjo gets angry on Gagan. Vijaylaxmi comes and takes Madhavi’s phone. Madhav comes and looks on. He asks Vijaylaxmi to return Madhavi’s phone. Vijaylaxmi asks them to just wait for one day, Madhavi will get Ayaan.

Ayaan begs to Vijaylaxmi. She gives him three hours to accept her condition or burn his dad’s funeral. Ayaan and Mohini get shocked.

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