Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st September 2017 Written Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st September 2017 Written Update by Amena

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vijaylaxmi calming down Madhav so that he doesn’t come in her way. He asks her why is she dragging Madhavi in this. She asks him to wait for some days. He says sorry. Madhavi says what shall I do, whom shall I listen. She cries. Gagan sees her crying and asks what happened. Madhav recalls Madhavi and says I have broken Kamini’s heart and fate snatched her love, is Lord giving the same wound to Madhavi, don’t do this Lord. He worries. Gagan insists Madhavi too see his dance. He dances on break up song. She laughs.

He says you should cry seeing my emotional dance. She says no, your dance was good. He asks can I entertain people. She says yes. He says so I came here, tell Maasi to get a role for me, I m scared of her. She says even I m scared of mum. Ragini

asks Kamini where is she going. Kamini says to sell my jewelry, I will not let Mohini wear this unlucky jewelry, I want to pay back Ayaan’s 17 lakhs, I don’t want Mohini to have any burden on her. Ragini agrees.
Kamini and Ragini cry. Ragini asks her to buy a ring for Ayaan. Kamini says sure. Ramakant says I m tapping Inder’s phone, he has ordered jewelry, clothes and booked a five star resort. She says I knew Inder will play some game, but he acted to beg me, he has to pay for this. Inder asks the manager to take shagun to Mathur house. He gets Vijaylaxmi’s call. She scold him for cheating. Inder says look I have explained you much, but you didn’t listen to me, you are in politics, I also know politics, if you try to stop my son’s marriage, then I will end your growing political career. She smiles and says you should not get enmity with me. Inder says I know all your black deeds. She asks did you lose senses by my fear. Vasu and Ayaan look on. Inder says you are Rajgarh’s MP, you were losing in elections there. She says I have won elections. He says they don’t know how you became MP, you bought votes by your black money, I have the proof, it will be in newspaper’s headlines, I m sure you will not like this, you will be recording our talk right. He laughs and asks her to remember this. She gets angry and says none has provoked me, see the deaths which will shake you soul.

Ayaan says we have to be careful, Vijaylaxmi will try to stop the marriage, we should get proof against her. Inder talks to manager and asks him to buy that footage any way. Mohini sees the shagun. Ragini and Kamini smile. Kamini gives the money parcel for Ayaan. Mohini asks about the parcel. Kamini says 17 lakhs. Mohini says the money which Ayaan gave us. Kamini says yes, I didn’t wish you to go there with any loan burden. Mohini asks how did you get so much money.

Ragini says Kamini has sold her jewelry. Mohini says I told you not to sell it. Kamini says it was a bad sign of my past, its good that it got off. She asks Mohini to forget everything and smile now. Mohin smiles. Kamini says I got something for you. Kamini sees shagun. Vijaylaxmi asks Ramakant to give this poison injection to Inder. She tells about the rare poison, which will make person slip in coma. He agrees and says I will call Inder’s doctor. Vijaylaxmi says interesting, he will do this. She threatens Ramakant and sends him to do the work.

Kamini asks Mohini if she is hiding something. Doctor injects Inder. Inder gets dizzy.

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